Being engaged in church is about more than just attending.

We've created this place for you to invite your friends and neighbors!

When you discover a great new restaurant or app, what’s the first thing you do? Tell a friend. Faith is like that. It’s better with friends. Don’t keep the good news to yourself.  Text, call or invite a friend to join you for our next services! It’s always better when you explore and grow together.

We've got tons of opportunities for you to serve at Connect Church!

One of the best ways to grow your faith is to get involved. Lots of people volunteer at Connect Church to serve kids and teens, greet guests, run production and many other things that make our ministry come alive.

And there’s room for everyone.

Even if you’re not sure about Christianity yet, we’ve got a place for you to serve. We think by serving you’ll grow. And you might discover what hundreds of other people have discovered: that while you think volunteering requires something from you, it will actually do something good for you and in you.

Life is better connected. 

You'll never fully experience all that Connect Church wants you to experience without joining a Connect Group.

Your generosity makes the quality environments that you and your family enjoy on a weekly basis possible. You are creating a church unchurched people love to attend! Click below to access online giving.